CMS (Central Monitoring Stations)

PIMA’s wide portfolio of high-quality wired, hybrid and wireless alarm systems provides Central Monitoring Stations (CMS) with cost-effective and comprehensive solutions for small installations as well as advanced multi-zone facilities, creating a perfect fit for each of the CMS’ customers.

  • Flexible enough to suit almost any installation site and CMS environment, the Captain 8 and Hunter-Pro alarm systems feature multiple communication channels such as PSTN, SMS, GSM, GPRS, TCP/IP and long-range radio.
  • Exceptional system reliability ensures reduced number of false alarms and minimal maintenance costs.
  • Unique features such as intuitive menu-driven system programming enable smooth installation, making PIMA systems the perfect choice for both residential and commercial use.
  • Various protocols support:
    Supports most PSTN protocols: PAF, NPAF, PID, CID, SIA, PULSE and more
    Supports most radio protocols: PAF, NPAF, PID, Milcol-D, Intrac-2000 and more
  • PIMA Wireless, PIMA’s wireless product line that includes AlarmView, AVR and Guardian wireless alarm systems, offers an ideal solution for those seeking a wire-free installation. PIMA Wireless features visual verification & remote look-in, providing the ability to determine whether an event is true or false, thus adding an additional layer of security and preventing false alarms.

PIMA’s wide range of hardwired and wireless detectors and sensors includes Pet immune PIR, curtain, smoke, gas CO and flood detectors, temperature sensors and more, to meet the security needs of any CMS.

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