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PIMA’s intruder alarm systems are designed to provide installers with a fast and simple installation and programming experience. The operational friendliness and efficient technical support services have earned PIMA the trust of professional installers and system integrators worldwide.

  • PIMA’s all-inclusive product line enables installers to address the security needs of any residential or commercial customer, whether installing a new system or upgrading an existing one.  Our offerings include wired, hybrid and wireless solutions and a wide selection of wired and wireless peripherals.
  • The Captain 8 and Hunter-Pro alarm systems are easy to install and program. Equipped with multiple communication solutions, including PSTN, SMS, GSM, GPRS, TCP/IP and long-range radio, they are suitable for almost any facility. Unique features such as ExpressMenu and pre-configured detectors make installation fast and easy.
  • PIMA’s unique wireless technician keypad enables the installer’s convenient mobility while walk-testing through the premises, thus turning complex installations into a one-man job.
  • PIMA Wireless, PIMA’s wireless product line that includes AlarmView, AVR and Guardian wireless alarm systems, offers an ideal solution for those seeking a wire-free installation. PIMA Wireless features visual verification & remote look-in, providing the ability to determine whether an event is true or false, thus adding an additional layer of security and preventing false alarms
  • PIMA’s wide range of hardwired and wireless detectors and sensors includes Pet immune PIR, curtain, smoke, gas CO and flood detectors, temperature sensors and more, to meet the security needs of any CMS.

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