Captain 8

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Captain 8

8-16 Zone Hybrid Alarm System


Captain 8 is an advanced intruder alarm system for medium-sized commercial and residential installations.

The user-friendly system enhances operational dependability while minimizing ongoing maintenance costs. The ExpressMenu option enables easy system installation, eliminating the need for complex programming.

For additional convenience, users can arm/disarm Captain 8 remotely with PIMA’s smartphone app, PIMAlink 2.0.

Starting with eight security zones, the Captain 8 system is easily scalable, using both hardwired and wireless technology to meet growing security needs. Multiple communication options further enhance system versatility to deliver a world-class intruder alarm solution.


  • 8 hardwired zones expandable to 16 zones
  • Optional wireless zones
  • One-screen, 16 parameter programming bar for easy setup
  • Up to 30 users including optional RFID tags/keychain
  • Up to four full partitions
  • Full and partial arming (home) modes
  • Menu-driven LCD and graphic keypads; optional LED keypads
  • Communication channels: PSTN, long-range radio, GSM/GPRS, Ethernet
  • Up to four phone numbers for the Monitoring Station and four for the home owner
  • Authorization settings per user
  • Continuous zone, battery and phone line testing
  • Full wireless detector supervision
  • Easy system arming/disarming using keypads, key fobs, proximity card (RFiD) or smartphone app


*Note: Owners of Captain 8 (version 8.63 or earlier), when upgrading to version 9.00 in order to be able to remotely control the system via PIMAlink 2.0 app, please be advised that the new version supports push notification via the app only (text messages are not supported).