COMAX PC Application

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PC Application

A PC application enabling easy programming of PIMA wired, hybrid and Long-range Radio products.

Using COMAX, installers can both remotely and locally upload/download parameters to control panels and radio transmitters, and store preset configurations on PIMA’s Fast Programmer.


  • Remote and local communication with PIMA’s control panels and accessories
  • Remote and local uploading of parameters, system log, and online status viewing
  • Remote arming/disarming of connected system
  • Managing customer configurations in a protected database for continuous support and maintenance
  • Comparing uploaded parameters to customer’s file
  • Supports multiple users with various levels of authorization
  • Secure database
  • Supports multiple network users


The external COMAX modem enables uploading and downloading parameters to and from PIMA’s control panels.

The modem was tested and configured to work with COMAX software.


Update: essential Comax file is deleted by Windows Defender antivirus software
Following a customer complaint, it was found that Microsoft’s antivirus software, Windows Defender, identifies an essential Comax file (calc.dll) as an unauthorized file and deletes it.
Microsoft has removed this file from the software’s potentially dangerous file list in response to an official request, and has instructed users to do the following on PCs where the problem persists:
  1. Open the command prompt as administrator (Run as administrator)
  2. Type “cd c:\Program Files\Windows Defender”
  3. Press “Enter”
  4. Type “MpCmdRun.exe -removedefinitions -dynamicsignatures”
The latest Windows Defender definitions are available for download here: