Protector 2-8 Curtain Detector

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Protector 2-8

Infrared Barrier Curtain Detector

These infrared photobeam curtain/barrier sensors are perfect for installation in windows, doorways, and any place where space is limited.
Suitable for indoor and outdoor perimeter security for Internal or external protection.


4 different models to fit all requirements

Aesthetic and slim-line design for invisibility in window casing

Designed for outdoor installation: Aluminum, ABS and Polycarbonate

Water sealed, UV filters, and Anti-Frost circuit

Infrared beams controlled by a microchip for superior false alarm immunity

Two Tamper switches prevent unauthorized cover removal

Easy alignment system with internal buzzer and LED indicator

Color: Available in black or white


Range: Up to 8m

Detection Method: 2 sec when a single beam is crossed; Instant when two beams are crossed

Operating Voltage: 10 to 30 Vdc

Output: Relay NC/NO; 1A@120 Vac/dc

Operating Temperature: -45o C to +55o C

Available Modes

Model No. of beams Detector range Current consumption
Stand by Detection
2X 2 57 30 10
4X 4 105 47 17.6
6X 6 153 48 18
8X 8 201 54 25