Protector Twin Beam Sensors

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Protector Twin Beam Sensors


Range: 10-120 meters (see models below)

Adjustment: 3 adjustment modes, including Laser adjustment (all models 40m+)

Protection: Designed for outdoor installation: Water sealed, UV filters and Anti-Frost circuit (meets IP-65)

Alignment: ±90o  Horizontal & ±15o  Vertical


Response Time: 50~700mS
Operating Voltage: 10 to 30 Vdc
Output: NC/NO relay, 1A@120 Vac/dc
Operating Temperature: -25o C to +55o C

Available models

Model Outdoor range Indoor range Laser beam Current consumption
10 10m 20m 32mA
20 20m 40m 32 mA
30 30m 60m 36 mA
40 40m 80m 36 mA
60 60m 120m 42 mA
80 80m 160m 50 mA
120 120m 240m 58 mA