RXN-400/RXN-410 LCD Keypads

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LCD Keypads


PIMA’s attractively designed LCD keypads are user friendly, with soft-touch illuminated keys and audible tone.

Available models
– RXN-410/400: Large or small LCD screen
– RXN-410 Large blue LCD screen


  • Keywords for quick entry to menu sections
  • Programmable names for zones and users
  • Internal chime
  • Easy installation and mounting
  • Green LED arm indication
  • Red LED fault indication
  • Connection for fast programmer
Single-Screen 12-Parameter Programming

The menu-driven LCD programming screen (with up to twelve different functions per screen) is simple to use, and eliminates the need for installation manuals. System programming is fast and incredibly easy.

PIMA’s Unique Status Bar

PIMA’s menu-driven LCD screens make programming as simple as using a smartphone. The status of all zones as well as active panel functions are immediately visible on the LCD screen.

Single Screen 16-Zone Status Bar example:
  • The zone numbers are printed on the keypad;
  • The zones marked with a hyphen are closed;
  • The zones marked with a square are open;
  • The letters indicate various notifications, such as alarm memory, fault/short zone, bypassed zones, etc.

The example below shows a 16-zone system. The lower line provides the zones’ status; a grey square for “Open zone” (zone 2), a hyphen for “Closed zone” (zone 7). The A in zone 9 indicates there was an alarm event, zone 13 shows a Fault (marked as F) and zone 15 is bypassed (marked as B).
The upper line provides system information: The A under the number 26 indicates that Auto-arming is set, the panel’s battery is low and the current time is 13:27.