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Radio Communicator

The SAT-9 enables non-PIMA systems to report to the Centeral Monitoring Station (CMS) via TRV-100 or TRU-100 long-range radio transmitters.

Connected to the control panel’s PSTN line, the SAT-9 has a built-in encoder that performs periodic radio and telephone auto-tests. The SAT-9 parameters are locally programmed using the COMAX application.

Key Features

  • Two operating modes: Main channel and backup to PSTN
  • PSTN Protocol support: ContactID©, Pulse, DTM, PID, PAF™ / NPAF™
  • Radio protocols support: PID, PAF™ / NPAF™, Intrac 2000, Milcol-D and others
  • Programmable account numbers
  • PSTN line monitoring