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Universal PSTN to Ethernet & GPRS Communicator

The SAT-N Communicator enables connecting PIMA’s CAPTAIN 6 Intruder Alarm System and non-PIMA systems to Central Monitoring Station (CMS) software via cellular or TCP/IP networks.

The SAT-N also provides a solution for alarm systems when no PSTN socket is available, allowing the connection of the phone line terminals to the SAT-N, which routes events via the GSM-200 or the net4pro.

The SAT-N has 3 channels: GSM + GSM/GPRS, via the GSM-200 cellular transmitter, and Ethernet (TCP/IP), via the net4pro card. These modules need to be added to the SAT-N individually.
The SAT-N is programmed via PIMA’s COMAX upload/download PC application.


  • Easy installation and in-field programming
  • Continuous phone line testing (only when used as a backup channel)
  • Supports the GSM-200 and/or the net4pro modules
  • Programmable dedicated dialing number for switching to radio signal
  • Optional anti-substitution/replay syncing with the CMS
  • 3 open ACKs
  • Tamper switch report code
  • Lightning and ESD protection

Assembly options

The SAT-N has 2 assembly options:

  • As a standalone product, mounted in a metal box together with the P/S-2 power supply, a backup battery and optional tamper switch, net4pro and/or GSM-200
  • Mounted on a bracket with the P/S-2 power supply