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At PIMA we invest a great deal of efforts to ensure that our intruder alarm systems provide installers and end users with the best possible installation, programming and user experience.

What makes PIMA stand out?

25 years of customer trust and industry knowhow

Since its establishment over 25 years ago, PIMA has become the market leader in Israel, its home base, with over 50% of the market share. Add to that countless installations in 50 countries; we can confidently say we know the security alarm system inside out.  With our uncompromising system reliability, operational friendliness and efficient technical support services matched with our personal approach, attention to our customers' needs and requests and flexibility, we have earned the trust of our partners and their installers.


Comprehensive solutions

Our all-inclusive product line ensures you can address the security need of any residential or commercial customer – whether installing a new system or upgrading/expanding an existing one.  Our offering includes wired, hybrid and wireless solutions; visual verification; indoor/outdoor wireless peripherals; long- range radio and GSM communication; receivers for central monitoring stations (CMS); and a wide selection of keypads and accessories.

why-pima-products-wide with RXN-800

Multiple communication options

Communication options vary greatly, and change rapidly with technological developments. That’s why we offer maximum flexibility, so you can select the most suitable communication option for your needs - including PSTN, long-range radio, GSM, GPRS and IP communications. With years of expertise in long-range radio technologies, you can count on us to offer the best communication options for your security environment and needs.

Tech wheel

TopTrust technology

False intruder alarms are a great nuisance for both security service providers and property owners. For installers and Central Monitoring Stations, they mean increased maintenance cost and longer response time by law enforcement authorities.

PIMA’s TopTrust technology, embedded into all intruder alarm systems, maximizes operational reliability through a range of unique features:

PIMA Wireless Product Line

Visual Alarm Verification Upon alarm, three images are sent via GPRS to the CMS and via MMS to the end user. This enables to determine whether the event is true or false, adding an additional layer of security.

Rapid Image Acquisition Technology(Patented) ensures fast image transmission to the panel (1-3 sec/pic)

Pre-Alarm Image for easy comparison and simple image understanding at CMS - On arming the system, each PIR/camera saves a pre-alarm image. Once an alarm is triggered, three images are transmitted: Pre-alarm, the alarm-event and post alarm. This ensures a speedy verification of false versus true alarms.

3 SV pics

Direct Image Transmission - (Patented) direct image communication via MMS and email with no third party server 

Matched Field-of-View A unique feature that guarantees full alignment of the camera's cover zone with that of the PIR sensor in order to avoid dead zones. 

DualSIM Technology - Provides communication backup for a higher security level.

Hunter-Pro/Captain Product Line

Fault Filtering Algorithm - A fault occurring several times per hour is not reported any more, unless the system is meanwhile armed or disarmed, or the fault has been restored for 1 hour minimum.

Double Knock - A zone triggers the alarm only if 2 detections of the same zone occur within a pre-set period of time.

Cross ZonesOnly if 2 pre-set zones or more have been activated within limited time (e.g. 30 seconds) an alarm will be generated. 


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