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PIMA Electronic Systems Ltd.

With decades of experience and millions of installations worldwide, we understand security alarm systems inside out. Our systems have earned an international reputation for reliability, durability, and operational friendliness, and are sold through our network of distributors and sales representatives worldwide.

Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Israel, PIMA Electronic Systems is a leading developer and manufacturer of hybrid, hardwired and wireless intruder alarm systems.

With an extensive product portfolio developed and assembled in-house, PIMA supports the security needs of any size and type of customer including commercial, industrial and residential facilities.  PIMA’s alarm systems include a wide range of hardwired and wireless peripherals easily integrated to scale with the customer’s changing security needs.

PIMA constantly strives to apply the latest technologies to its systems with intuitive control panels, multiple communication options including PSTN, SMS, GSM/GPRS, TCP/IP and long-range radio and various PSTN, radio and alarm over IP protocols. PIMA’s systems are supported by a cloud-based application that allows monitoring and controlling them remotely.

Our alarm systems are designed with the needs of monitoring companies, installers and end-users in mind, offering accelerated system setup, intuitive operation and minimal ongoing maintenance.  Convenience is combined with top quality security performances to ensure both easy use and uncompromised customer satisfaction.


Comprehensive security solutions

PIMA provides advanced end-to-end intruder alarm solutions for a wide range of customers including distributors, installers, Central Monitoring Stations and Project Managers. System flexibility enables easy expansion and integration of new elements as needed

Millions of systems installed globally

PIMA is a leader in the Israeli intruder alarm market with over 50% market share. Additionally, PIMA’s range of products can be found worldwide. A network of professional distributors ensures rapid delivery and installation of our systems, each especially customized to meet the customer’s specific security needs

Uncompromising system reliability and ease-of-use

Known for their scalability and durability, PIMA’s systems are developed and assembled in-house to ensure product robustness, easy operation and minimal maintenance. Initial installation is simple and fast, with intuitive ongoing use a major advantage for the customer

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