DPM310 Anti-Masking Digital PIR Detector


Anti-Masking Digital PIR Detector

Key Features

• Anti-Masking
• Triple or Dual EOL
• 15 Metre Range
• Multi Height Optics
• 1.8m – 3.1m Mounting Height
• Interchangeable Cartridges
• Selectable EOL Resistors
• Slide to Fit Front Cover
• Remote LED Control
• Sealed Optics
• True Creep Zones
• Digital Pulse Count†
• Temperature Compensation
• Digital Signal Processing†
• RFI Immunity up to 2.7GHz


Description Passive Infrared Detector
Pyro Electric Sensor Dual Element
Range 15m
Optics Multi Height Spherical
Detection Areas 68
Mounting Height 1.8m – 3.1m
Supply Voltage 9 – 15VDC (12V nominal)
Quiescent Current 15mA
Alarm (LED enabled) 15mA
Alarm (LED disabled) 10mA
LED Control = 0V LED Enabled
LED Control = 12V / NC LED Disabled
Pulse Count Digital
Start-up Time 60 seconds
Alarm Time > 2 seconds
Target Speed 0.3m/s – 3.0m/s
Dimensions (whd) mm 60 x 118 x 40
Housing Material 2.5mm ASA
Operating Temperature -20°C to +55°C
Storage Temperature -35°C to 60°C
Maximum Humidity 95% non-condensing
Product Weight 105g
Packed Weight 120g
Maintenance Annual Installer Check