DPD743 2-Way Outdoor DT Detector


2-Way Outdoor DT Detector

The DPD743/786 is a battery powered wireless DT detector that has been designed to provide enhanced 24-hour outdoor protection, with Active IR Anti-mask capabilities. Integrated Dual Technology (DT) combines two K-band microwave channels with two PIR sensors for better catch performance and pet immunity, minimizing false alarm.


  • PIR coverage: 12m, 90°
  • Two channel K band – MW detection (Sway Recognition)
  • Pet immunity
  • Two correlated PIR Sensors
  • Light sensor for reducing false alarms due to sunlight
  • Active IR Anti mask
  • Various mounting heights with optional swivel bracket
  • Designed for outdoor installation, UV resistant, IP 65
  • Cover and wall tampers
  • 3-axis-accelerometer for protection against vandalism