SRO743 Wireless 2-Way Outdoor Siren


Wireless 2-Way Outdoor Siren

PIMA’s two-way Outdoor Siren is designed to extend the signaling capabilities of PIMA’s wireless systems. The wireless siren offers an easy and flexible solution for quick installation. The siren is powered by its own batteries and communicates wirelessly with the security panel. Up to 3 wireless sirens can be assigned to a system.


  • Alarm / Tamper Indication
    Upon an alarm condition, the siren will be activated for a period defined by the system (Siren Time parameter).
  • Low Battery Indication
    Upon a low battery condition a trouble indication is sent to the panel.
    There are 2 types of low battery indications:
    1. Radio low battery
    2. Speaker low battery
  • Supervision
    Each siren can be defined to be supervised by the panel. The system generates a local fault signal identifying the siren whose signal is not received during a predefined time, followed by a report to the Alarm Receiving Center (if defined).
  • Cancel Siren Delay
    When an entry time starts, the system transmits a pre-alarm signal to the siren.
    If the system is disarmed before the entry delay time expires, a cancellation signal is sent to the siren.
    If the siren does not receive a cancellation signal within the entry delay time, the siren will be activated.
  • Siren Self Testing
    Once placing all batteries in the battery holders or pressing on the reset switch located on the PCB (with the tamper switch open), the siren performs a functional self-test indicated by a strobe flash and squawk sound.
  • LED display
    The wireless siren has 2 LEDs located on the PCB. These LEDs are enabled when the tamper is open and 10 minutes after the tamper is closed.
    Red: Indicates transmission
    Yellow: Indicates a low battery
    Red and Yellow (3 seconds): Confirms successful enrollment