DSK743 Wireless Shock & Contact Detector


Wireless Shock & Contact Detector

The DSK743 / DSK786 combines both a Shock detector and a
Door/Window Contact detector in a single casing for internal use that
provides reliable 24-hour perimeter protection.
The detector employs an advanced digital microprocessor to analyze
the vibration signal received from the piezo electric sensor.
The DSK has a reed switch for protection against opening doors and
windows, and against any attempt to tamper the detector using large
This detector operates in conjunction with PIMA’s programmable
receivers in the FORCE and VISION Alarm Systems and is powered
by a standard 3-volt lithium battery.


  • Digital Microprocessor with Intelligent Digital Signal Processing
  • Tri-color LED enables accurate and reliable calibration, with “oversensitive”
    and “under-sensitive” indications
  • Gross attack detections
  • Shock and Contact detection reported to separate zones in the
  • Detects attempts of magnet tampering (0.3T)
  • Encapsulated bi-morph piezo electric sensor
  • Dual stage adjustment potentiometer
  • Back & Cover tamper protection
  • Operates up to 300m (1000 ft) range (LOS)
  • Uses one of more than 16 million addresses codes
  • Hold on/off
  • Fully supervised