The wireless flood detector is a fully supervised detector used to detect the presence of water based liquids at any desired location such as basements or water tanks.
The detector is comprised from 2 parts: Wireless transmitter and flood sensor which are connected by 2.4m cable.
The detector operates with PIMA’s programmable wireless receivers.


  • Flood Alarm Report: In the event of a flooding event, the detector sends an alarm event 20 seconds after detection. Restore event will be sent 20 seconds after the problem is fixed
  • Flood Sensor Protection: When the detector recognizes a problem with the flood sensor (short or cut) it sends tamper alarm event 6 seconds after detection. A restore message is sent 6 seconds after the problem is solved.
  • Tamper Protection: Back and cover tamper protection: Tamper alarm is sent immediately.
  • Supervision: The detector is fully supervised. It sends a periodic supervision message at times defined by jumper J2.
  • Frequency: 868.65 MHz or 433.92 MHz.
  • Operating Range: Up to 300m (1000 ft) outdoors.
  • Battery Supervision: On low battery condition the detector sends an automatic low battery report as part of any transmission.