GBR743 Wireless Glass break Detector


Wireless Glass break Detector

The Wireless GBR is an advanced microprocessor based Acoustic Glass Break detector. Using
advanced glass-breaking pattern analysis of both Low Frequency “Flex” & High Frequency “Shatter”
channels, the Wireless GBR detects the breaking of most common types of framed glass panes while
ignoring false alarms.


  • Up to 9m detection range
  • Suitable for most common glass types: plate, tempered, laminated and wired glass
  • Minimum size for all types of glass: 30cm x 30cm (12” x 12”).
  • Wireless GBR will not alarm if glass pane is broken from inside or glass is dropped on
  • Full remote test using RG-65 Glass Break Simulator, without the need to open the
  • Optional ceiling/wall mount swivel adaptor for optimal mounting and performance
    (supplied with the Wireless GBR).