DCD743 Outdoor 2 Way Wireless Curtain Detector

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2 Way Outdoor Wireless Curtain Detector

The DCD is an outdoor 2 Way wireless curtain detector, designed to detect movements within an assigned area and transmit the events to the control panel.


  • Outdoor installation
  •  Mask and tilt detection
  •  Battery powered with low battery reporting
  •  Cover tamper switch
  •  PIR detection sensitivity adjustment
  •  Microwave detection range adjustment
  •  Compact design for residential and commercial installations

Technical specifications

  • Frequencies:
    o DCD143: 433.92 MHz
    o DCD187: 868.95 MHz
  •  Detection range: 12m/7.5°
  • Transmission Range: 500m in open space1
  • Supervision Interval: 15 minutes
  • Tamper Event: reported in every supervision report until restored.
  •  Mask and tilt (3.5o) detection and alert
  • Battery: 1X 3.6V ½ AA, Lithium
  •  Battery Life Cycle: up to 5 years (typical usage)
  • Battery Status: reported in every supervision report
  •  DIP Switch for setting the LED’s state and mode of operation
  •  Dimensions: 12.9 X 4.0 X 4.8 cm
  •  Weight (excluding battery): 170 gr
  • CE Compliance
  •  Operating Temperature: -10 to +50 °C
  •  Humidity (Max.): 93% R.H., Non-condensing
  •  IP45