FORCE Lite Security System

Economic hybrid alarm system with up to 64 zones


FORCE Lite is 64 zones alarm system with network connectivity.

FORCE Lite, part of the FORCE Series, is the perfect choice for customers who look for a cost effective alarm system where connectivity through a PSTN dialer is not required.


  • 8 security zones expandable to 64 zones
  • 24 wireless zones
  • Up to 64 users
  • 16 contacts (self-monitoring) – SMS notifications
  • 8 true partitions
  • Up to 8 keypads
  • Onboard Ethernet port
  • Multipath CMS communication  options including Ethernet, cellular and long-range radio
  • Push notification to PIMALink 3.0 application
  • Smooth pairing (and unpairing) of smartphone to the control panel
  • Report to 3 CMS
  • Remote firmware upgrade
  • Remote upload/download via FORCE Manager
  • Integration with a wide range of wireless peripherals
  • Easy system arming/disarming using keypads, keyfob, smartphone app
  • Various EOL options: one or two resistors (programmable)
  • EOL protected sirens
  • Sophisticated false alarms prevention mechanism such as knocking zone, crossing zone, etc.