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Long-Range Radio Transmitters

The TRV-100 (VHF) & TRU-100 (UHF) Long-Range Radio Transmitters relay transmissions over radio, and can also serve as backup or a parallel channel to PSTN communication.
The transmitters can use 2 frequencies in the same range: UHF Low/High or VHF Low/Medium/High. The second frequency can be chosen per event type, for example, to transmit test events.
The TRV-100 & TRU-100 are programmed with PIMA’s COMAX PC application.


  • Panel integrated digital synthesized VHF/UHF transmitters
  • Two working frequencies; High priority events can be assigned to a less used frequency
  • Fast event transmission time (NPAF mode): 1-1.5 seconds
  • Saves valuable airtime
  • Prevents frequency blocking
  • Prevents loss of information
  • Complete radio (RF) interference immunity from panel, preventing false alarms caused by transmitter operation