How to save 30% on electricity costs with an alarm system and smart electricity?

How to save 30% on electricity costs with an alarm system and smart electricity?

The Lev Ba’ir BTC project in Bnei Brak, Israel is an office and work space complex for rent that provides its customers with a complete package of services at a fixed monthly cost.

BTC management has identified that the electricity bills are high because the customers of the complex, at the end of their working day, often leave without turning off the lights, air condition or both, causing waste of energy and inflated electricity bills. BTC management approached Homismart and asked to examine and improve the energy use in the offices and building.

Homismart specializes in building management solutions. These solutions are activated from an application that also operates the smart electrical system that controls all electrical and electronic devices in homes and businesses.

In order to offer an optimal solution for electricity efficiency in the BTC project, Homismart chose to integrate the building’s electrical system with PIMA’s advanced alarm system, FORCE144.

Homismart chose the FORCE144 system because of its reliability and ease of integration with their system. In addition, Yair Mizrahi, CEO of Homismart, noted that “the availability, flexibility and quick response of PIMA R&D team have greatly aided integration. We are planning to use this solution for future projects. ”

FORCE144 is an advanced hybrid alarm system that communicates with passive infrared motion detectors (PIR). The PIR detector, installed in each work space, detects the presence of a person in the space. When no presence has been detected by the system using the PIR detector, the lights and air conditioner will turn off in that space according to automatic response scenarios and parameters that had been applied.

The result – 30% savings in electricity expenses!

Homismart is an Israeli high-tech company that provides technological solutions in the field of smart building management. The company’s system technology allows full integration for smart building management and provides a complete solution that meets all the specific needs of building or smart home management.

Google chose to present Homismart at the world’s leading technology show 2018 – CES in Las Vegas in the field of smart home voice activation.

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