SRO143/187 Outdoor Siren


Wireless Outdoor Siren


SRO143/187 is a FastLink technology wireless siren designed for indoor and outdoor installations. It provides audible alerts in the event of burglary, fire and tampering.

Suitable for commercial, industrial and residential facilities, the siren includes a powerful flashing strobe light signal to help identify the source of the alarm from a distance.


  • Qualified ABS material
  • Unique mechanical design
  • IP55 rating
  • Battery operated
  • Six LED indicators, four alarm sounds, and two volumes.
  • 105dB at 1m sound level

Technical specifications

  • Frequencies:
    SRO143: 433.92 MHz
    SRO187: 868.95 MHz
  • Batteries: 2X 3.6V, Lithium
  • Battery life cycle: 3 years in typical use
  • Operating Temperature: -10° C to +50° C
  • Standards: CE