PIMAlink 2.0 App

PIMAlink 2.0 is a cloud-based smartphone app for FORCE, Hunter-Pro Series and Captain 8 systems.

PIMAlink 2.0 provides the user with the ultimate convenience of remotely controlling their PIMA alarm system from anywhere.

PIMAlink 2.0 allows the user to remotely  perform the following operations:

  • View System Status
  • Arm/disarm the whole system or designated partitions
  • Review zones status
  • Bypass zones
  • Read event log
  • Switch on/off a home appliance

PIMAlink 2.0  is not just another cloud as it offers some unique advantages:

Fast and easy setup

Simply pair the control panel to the phone. No need for registration!

Highest level of security

What places the PIMAlink 2.0 app at the forefront of technology is that no passwords are saved on the PIMAlink 2.0 cloud hence users do not have to fear hackers, security breaches, etc.

Additionally , authentication is highly secure and done with the smartphone IMEI serial number and user ID password in every login attempt.

Keeping the same user codes

No need to remember additional codes, just use the same as those used for the security system.

Ultimate peace of mind

Visual verification via push notification and remote look-in*

One Master User only

All system contacts can conveniently be managed by the Master User from the app.

Self-monitoring and CMS

PIMAlink 2.0  is perfect for both self-monitoring and CMS service.

* Available for AlarmView users only

Pairing the system to the cloud
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