PIMAGuard CMS Software

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CMS Software

PIMAGuard is both a software for configuring PIMA’s Sentry Receiver and a decoder.

PIMAGuard has the following programmable capabilities:

  • Radio/Telephone channels format configurations
  • Cellular/Ethernet channel management and supervision
  • Various format modification
  • Logs management
  • Advanced repeater
  • Advanced debug mode and failure mechanism
  • Advanced event filters
  • Authorization


  • Supports multiple radio and phone formats: NPAF/EPAF, CID, SIA, and many more
  • Automatic testing of input channels. Failures and status are routinely reported to the Central Monitoring Station management application
  • Each PSTN channel supports up to 4 different ACKs and 8 formats per ACK
  • Each Radio channel supports up to 32 formats
  • Up to 16 communication channels with various switching options upon failure
  • Each communication channel can be configured as Serial, TCP or UDP
  • Up to 8 different logs for different activities
  • Up to 8 authorized users management and password protection
  • Bi-directional channel (Repeater to CMS) saves most of transmission air-time occupancy
  • Advanced debugging mode for failure diagnostics
  • Adjustable timer for keeping up to 1000 events in the event buffer
  • Optional Caller-ID/IP identification and reporting (in supported countries)
  • High sensitivity radio signal
  • Built-in scope utility for easy tuning of the radio amplifier
  • Live monitoring of the last 1024 events