Sentry Receiver

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Sentry Receiver

A standalone receiver for Central Monitoring Stations (CMS)


The digital Sentry Receiver for CMS supports telephone, radio and Ethernet communication. It can receive events from thousands of intruder alarm systems and processes them to the CMS management application via serial (RS-232) outputs or TCP/IP network (Ethernet).

The Sentry Receiver is controlled and monitored by the PIMAGuard application.


  • 4 PSTN inputs
  • 2 radio inputs
  • Supports most PSTN protocols: PAF, NPAF, PID, CID, SIA, PULSE and more
  • Supports most radio protocols: PAF, NPAF, PID, Milcol-D, Intrac-2000 and more
  • Supports CMS management applications such as Surgard, Ademco 685 and more
  • COM and Ethernet interfaces to CMS management applications
  • AC power and a backup battery
  • Can be remotely controlled
  • Detailed log event
  • Easy upgrade by software only


  • Keeps working even when the CMS computer or management application malfunctions
  • Saves events to memory in event of failure of the CMS management application or disrupted output communication
  • Uniquely featured to provide the CMS with a detailed event structure