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An advanced stand-alone Smart Repeater


An advanced stand-alone Smart Repeater designed to expand the radio coverage of Central Monitoring Stations (CMS).

The Repeater is capable of simultaneously relaying radio transmissions from thousands of intruder alarm systems to PIMA’s Sentry decoder.

Mounted inside a robust waterproof metal case for easy, quick and secure installation, the Repeater can hold an optional cellular modem and/or radio transceiver.

The SAR-100 is controlled and monitored by the PIMAGuard application.

Smart Repeater
The Smart Repeater utilizes bi-directional communication with the Central Monitoring Station for sending events efficiently. It operates in dual-mode as a multi-channel repeater so that it can receive/transmit an event in one channel (e.g. Radio) and transmit/receive it via another (e.g. TCP/IP). The most common application is Radio-to-Radio or repeater with a telephone or the network as a backup.


  • Input radio channels can be relayed to Radio, Ethernet, PSTN and Cellular
  • Full data-event capability by using PAF and PID Pima protocols
  • Up to 8 SAR-100 repeaters can be installed in star topology or infinity in chain
  • Event log storage and display in case of disruption of communication until renewal of link with CMS
  • Self-supervision reports to the Central Monitoring Station: AC fault, low battery and over heating
  • Bi-directional communication with CMS in all channels – ensures reliable reporting
  • Optional backup of any of the communication channels
  • Remote firmware and software update
  • Full remote desktop control
  • Backup battery